My USB2 ports have stopped working. Both the front and back panel. However, all of the USB3 ports still work. I've uninstalled the drivers, reinstalled them and even completely wiped C: and reinstalled windows. So I'm fairly certain that it's a hardware issue. The interesting thing is though that the ports still provide power to charge things. Can anybody shed any insight into a possible fix for this? I really don't want to have to buy a new mobo because the 2500k is still a great CPU

also, heres the device list

oh and i have a P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

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3 Answers
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Sounds like your southbridge may have died. Or at least the USB part of it has, because that's where all of the USB 2 port connect to. Interesting that everything else works though. Unfortunately the only solutions I know of are to buy a new motherboard or a PCI USB card.

EDIT: correction it's now called the Platform Controller Hub, not southbridge.

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Check BIOS to make sure USB 2.0 controller isn't disabled.

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My front panel stopped working, I'm not sure if you have the same problem as me but i got mine working by going into the bios and disabling legacy usb mode.

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