I am about to do a new build and am not sure what to do for my cpu heatsink. I have a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo heatsink leftover from my last build where I ended up not using it. However, it was purchased before the new haswell cpu's came out. I have read that it will work with the lga 1150 slot because it is the same size as the older models but I just wanted to get some confirmation on that. Also, I do not think I will be overclocking this new CPU as I have a B85 motherboard picked out right now and I do not plan on getting an unlocked CPU either. I know that I will get better temperatures from using this aftermarket heatsink, but it just seems like a pain to install. Also, I will have to move my rig several times a year and I am kind of (probably unreasonably) nervous about the thing falling out and destroying my GPU or something. What should I do? I have never installed a heatsink that wasn't stock before.

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Move the rig where exactly? If it is going for a long car trip I would just make sure your desktop lays flat on its side with the GPU and heat sink facing up so there won't be any stress on it due to gravity. And yes the 212 EVO will fit. LGA1155 and LGA1150 sockets are the exact same dimensions. It does take more work to install but it's still pretty easy. Try something different once in a while, PC building is fun.

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