Has anybody dealt with Sharkoon cases? I''m looking for a smallish MicroATX case and there are a couple floating around like this for ~£30.

I'm new to building so keen for any opinions!

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I've got the MA-M1000. When I got it, I loved it. Really good temps.

But 3 months on, I regret not getting a nicer case. It's ok if you're really on a budget with the 2 installed fans. But the stock fans are noisy and I ended up replacing both. Also there's no cable management and they don't look as good in real life. The front/side panel fans use such thin metal you can't mount fans there anyway because they just vibrate; It's kinda flimsy. Plus there are loads of SSD mounting options but only 1 option for 3.5" HDDs if you want to mount one of the larger graphics cards. Go with the Cooler Master N200.

Edit: Of course, now I have the problem that I want to upgrade to a more premium case, but everything is bigger! The Sharkoon is a decent size. Define Mini/Arc Mini are larger, and the Prodigies etc are cubic so take up more volume and have poorer airflow. Anyone know of any small, premium (preferably silent) mATX cases!?

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