Kind of a newbie. Two questions:

1) I finished my build a few weeks ago, but I'm noticing that my computer will random restart at random times. I've tried monitoring the temperatures with piriform speccy and the highest I saw my my CPU go was 61C during a gaming session. I'm kind of stuck as to what else could be the cause. Could it be a faulty PSU?

2) What's the cheapest way to get Microsoft Office? My school doesn't offer it for free.

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The education version of office 365 is worth a look if your school supports/university is eligible.

It's under $100 and lasts 4years and gives you licenses for two pcs or macs plus you can use the apps on all devices. Ali gives you 20gb of skydrive space

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Try open office. It's the open source version of office.

I actually prefer their version of excel over microsofts.

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