Building a computer with an i5-4670k and intending on doing some light overclocking.

Originally was going to go with an Asus Maximus VI Hero, but was told it's unnecessary for my purposes. Now I'm looking at the MSI Z87-G45 and the Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD4H. Can some people comment and help me choose a board please? Both about similar in price and capabilities (from what I've researched so far)...but if anyone could steer me in a direction, I would appreciate it! Or...the Asus Z87-A?

Edit: or if anyone has any other ATX motherboard recommendations...

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I'd go for the Gigabyte. I've used a couple boards from each manufacturer, and I've had more problems with the MSI board like USB ports not working and having to flash the bios to get things rolling.

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