Is it okay to leave my pc running all day? I left it running at home to download some games.

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It's fine. You can pretty much leave it running as long as you want. If you're talking about running it 24/7 you might need to restart once in a while to install updates for example.

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My oldest rig was built in 2006 (with only new GPU's) and I ran it 24/7 since then.

Apart from power costs, it won't hurt anything.

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It's fine, unless you have an extreme overclock with a high constant voltage. If you are not in the 0.1% of people who do this, by all means leave it on (assuming you don't mind the slightly higher hydro bill).

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You waste power and add to how much dust it gets in it. There is no reason to leave it on. However it won't hurt anything.

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