Currently seriously considering building my own PC as my current laptop is now broken. My question is to what degree should I trust reviews on sites like Newegg? It always worries me when I see the most helpful review is one that isn't good. However this often happens on things where the 5 and 4 eggs far out weigh the 1 and 2 eggs. So do I trust the majority or the people who've experienced the problems?

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I would set up a parts list and then ask around here for opinons.

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Trust some of the reviews, but keep in mind that someone is more likely to write a spiteful review if their product is broken than they are to write a good review if their product is working.

That's why many motherboard reviews have ~ 60% 4 and 5 egg reviews and ~ 30% 1 egg reviews.

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I would ignore any review that says "THIS PRODUCT WAS DOA DO NOT BUY IT!!!!" because the place you bought it from will likely replace it right away. I would trust professional sites like as well.

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I generally just take the reviews with a grain of salt. Make sure you read the review instead of just looking at the rating. Some of them are well done and have good reasoning. A lot of the 1 eggs are people who just got one that was doa, which happens with almost any part.

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