I have a gtx 770 and I want to hook it to my monitor and tv. Can I connect the monitor by DVI and the tv by hdmi and run the same signal to both at the same time? Or will I have to just get a hdmi splitter to run the same signal to 2 screens?

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You can run both at a time. You may want to look into some software like Displayfusion to help with the multi monitor setup.

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Great thanks for the replies. follow up question. Will this effect my frame rate?

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You can use mirroring, but TVs generally have a lot of overscan. You'll end up with a shrunken image on your monitor just to keep from cutting off the image on the TV.

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I have a 770 and I have a dual link dvi hooked up to my 144hz monitor, and HDMI to my shitty 30hz 720p TV.

At first I was having weird resolution problem. What I ended up doing is disabling the TV through my nvidia drivers. So if I want to watch a movie on my TV, I just re enable the TV and press play.

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