If I was to put together a build with a Fractal R4 (with its 2 stock fans), an EVGA GTX 770 SC and a CM Hyper 212 Evo, how would I be in terms of noise on both idle and load?

My current (6 year old) build is very noticeably loud even when idling so I'm trying to find my best options for making a new one as quiet as I can without going overboard on price etc. - just something that will be sufficiently non-intrusive, especially when idling.

On that note, I'm not planning on doing a huge amount of overclocking, the CPU cooler is mainly for noise levels - are there any smaller, lower profile coolers out there that would run nice and quietly?


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Wakers is completely mistaken. the ACX cooler is quiet, the reference design is fine as well in an R4.

as for asus, it is luck of the draw on returns, but their build quality is great.

your best bet is actually whoever has the cheapest model. Even PNY cards perform very well and they have lifetime warranties. XFX customer service is top knotch

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I agree with Wakers, the ACX is loud. It only makes noise when you're actually gaming though, so it tends to get drowned out by the game noises. You'll only really hear it during loading scenes and such. It doesn't bother me.

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I can't attest to the quality of the fans that come with that case but if you are looking for a super quiet build, buy some quality case fans like "noctea" or quiet performance fans.

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I literally have all the components but the cooler (went with Phanteks). I cant hear a thing unless I get up close and focus. The loudest thing is my HDD, but for the most part, everything is dead silent.

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I run my CM hyper 212 evo on 100% rpm and my 770 msi oc edition clocked a little more with 70% fan rpm, but the R4 is just too beast and silences both without a sweat.


This is my work station:

Even if it's that close to me, I only hear air flowing, not even louder than a whisper.

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