If i can buy only one now should i get a monitor or a 770. Would a 770 be wasted on an old monitor?I have an old 20 inch panel monitor that i think gets set a t random sizes like 1600 x 900 or something odd. I have a i5-4670 and the intel graphic program keeps wanting to switch to 2160 x 1560 or something else. so upgrade the monitor and wait on the GPU? or can this be adjusted?

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The 770 first. It would be easily able to push that resolution. You will be wasting its potential on the old monitor. but if you get a higher resolution monitor before you get a gpu you likely won't be able to play games at the higher resolution anyways.

Tl; Dr: 770 before monitor. You might actually like to play your games.

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The thing is, if you delay the second purchase too much, it might be a waste either way because it might become obsolete.

The 770 goes well with a 1080p screen. If you buy both in a close enough time frame, that's good. But if you wait a little, you might want to go for 1440p or even 4K, and the part that you already bought will be obsolete.

So your current screen is 1600x900? What is your current GPU? That's the essential to decide which one to replace first.

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