Might be a dumb question, but how do you usually handle software installations (primarily games) on a SSD (OS) / HDD (storage) setup? Do you generally install them on your SSD or storage disk?

I know there's definitely variables to take into consideration (primarily SSD size), but I'm thinking about cutting some costs and just buying a smaller sized SSD for my OS installation.

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I download and install them to the ssd until I don't really play them anymore. Once that happens I use steamtool to move them to my hdd and free up room on my ssd.

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I have my main games that I play that have long/lots of loading screens on my SSD and other games on my hdd. Right now on my SSD I have Rome 2 total war, Natural Selection 2 and Chivalry. my HDD has CS:GO Civ 5 (omg long load screen but not very often) and a bunch of games I do not play frequently.

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