I posted a standalone post about this but thought I'd throw it in here for some added visibility:

Ok, so the other day Newegg had a few Powercolor R9 280x's on OPEN BOX sale for $239. I had my build "complete" ( but still hadn't decided on a GPU. I was torn between going sub $200 for a 270x vs sub $250 for a GTX 760. When I saw the deal for the 280x, I figured what the hell, I'll give it a shot since that type of performance can't be beat for sub $250. So the GPU arrived yesterday in perfect condition, visually.

I installed it and went ahead and ran some tests to check temps. This is where I'm completely unsure whether or not to keep this GPU or return it. I ran MSI Kombuster, 1080p burn in (fuzzy donut) test and after 400 seconds the GPU was at 86c. I didn't push it further than that. I did some gaming on Dead Space and Planetside 2 and temps were around 50c max, in 1080p with all settings maxed. I got an email back from Powercolor and the rep told me "86c is normal operating temperature" but from everything I've seen, that seems really high...

I am having two additional case fans delivered tomorrow....and will retest. But I'm leaning towards just returning the thing. I have 30 days for a full return. Unfortunately, I know I'm not going to be able to approach the same "performance" for a similar amount of money. Maybe I will just go with the 760. Any advice? Return it? Keep it and cross my fingers?

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If it's reference or single fan, those are nominal temperatures. I would just keep it.

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