I'm seriously considering buying the laptop on Woot today to replace my current, 5-ish year old Asus.

I'm not a hardcore PC gamer, but I do want to be able to play games decently. I don't care if it's on the highest quality as long as it runs smoothly and will still play games decently a few years from now. I also do some video editing and photoshop.

Now then, my main questions: Is it a bad/good idea to buy refurbished, particularly from Woot? and The CPU looks crappy, how big of a deal is that? (Intel Core i7-4500U (1.8GHz) Max Turbo Speed up to 3GHz. 4MB L3 Cache)

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The answer here will always be that you can build a better pc for cheaper. On top of that, I wouldn't buy anything reburbished from Woot becaue you will only get a 30 day warranty.

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This is /r/buildapc not laptop, so don't get a laptop. That said,

the CPU is good.

The GPU is the most important component, the GT 745m.

Here are benchmarks for it. It will run most games on high graphics at a decent framerate, and the top games at low settings.

Looking at "Woot" however using something called google (you might want to use it) reveals it's rated 0.33 / 10 from 500 reviews. I would not get it from there... No way.


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