I'm putting together a build with an NZXT Source 210 Elite and a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660.

PC Part Picker gives me the following message:

"In order to fit, the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 2GB Video Card may require removing drive bays from the NZXT Source 210 Elite (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case. The case only supports video cards up to 230mm in length without removing drive bays, while the video card is 256mm long."

Is this something, particularly as a first time builder, I should be worried about? Are the drive bays difficult to remove or likely to be important?

This is my full build in case it helps:
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AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz 8-Core Processor
€135.89 @ Amazon Deutschland

CPU Cooler
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler
€33.00 @ Amazon Deutschland

Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard
€125.79 @ Amazon Deutschland

G.Skill Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
€75.78 @ Amazon Deutschland

Samsung 840 Series 250GB 2.5" Solid State Disk
€169.99 @ Amazon Deutschland

Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
€89.31 @ Amazon Deutschland

Video Card
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 2GB Video Card
€162.50 @ Amazon Deutschland

NZXT Source 210 Elite (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case
€54.00 @ Amazon Deutschland

Power Supply
EVGA 600B 600W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply
€58.86 @ Amazon Deutschland

Optical Drive
LG GH24NS95 DVD/CD Writer
€20.00 @ Amazon Deutschland


Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.

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5 Answers
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Worst case scenario, you have to cut out part of the case. Most likely scenario, you have to use a few less hard drives than the case allows for, because there isn't enough room for every hard drive, and a large video card OR you have to also unscrew a few screws. Best case scenario, the video card goes in with a bit of a tight fit.

If your heart is set on that case, ask around about that specific case on amazon or something (here would also work, but I don't personally have that case), to see if other people had problems with full-sized video cards, and/or what they had to do to make it work.

If you are not particularly invested in that case, and finding out more stuff seems like too much work, just choose another case to be safe.

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You could fit the graphics card, if you get any of the low budget Corsair cases.

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Look at the corsair 200r. Near the same price and will fit it easier. LINK

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It will fit, just not in the same slot as a HDD.

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It will fit just fine. I had a source 210 with two 660's and they fit right in without having to modify anything.

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