What are the differences between the Corsair RM and Corsair CS power supplies?

  • RM is fully modular and seems to be much more expensive, yet they are both 80 PLUS Gold.

What are your experiences with the Corsair CX power supplies?

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3 Answers
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CS is for low end PCs. They aren't made as well as RM PSUs but they're still decent.

RM is made to be silent however some of them can get hot because of it. The fan doesn't spin under about 50% load iirc.

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CS series is more for budget users and more affordable. But just because they're budget power supplies does not mean they're not good enough. CS series offer 90% - 95% efficiency.

RM series on the other leans on quiet performance. Utilizing that plus the fully modular feature of their power supply is a good buy. They're usually 97%-100% power conversion efficient.


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I've put Corsair CX PSUs in multiple systems, and they've all been rock solid. They're nothing too special, but it's hard to argue with those prices.

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