NZXT source 210 vs NZXT H440 which one is better

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Alright, I'll succumb to peer pressure *fake smile* H440 :)

*is an R4 owner*


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The source 210 is a budget case with limited features. The H440 is an enthusiast case with features that blow the source 210 out of the water.

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Depends what you're going for. I'd go with the H440 simply because it's a great looking, functional case.

I'm sure the Source 210 is functional, I just don't like how it looks as much.

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I'd say the H440, but the two are totally different cases. The H440 is for very clean builds and minimalistic looks. The Source 210 is a budget case that costs less than half of what the H440 costs.

The H440 is a better case, but it's up to you whether its advantages over the Source 210 are worth the extra $50-60.

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The NZXT H440 is hands down better. It's also 4x the price.

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