I have a question about AHCI mode. I formatted my computer to have a fresh install, and noticed that Samsung Magician said I had AHCI mode disabled. I know I can enable it through modifying registries, but I would rather do a fresh install and get it right. How do I start the fresh install to make sure it's set up as an AHCI drive?
I'm using an 840 Pro, i7-3770k with a GA-Z77X-UD5H board.
I have the SSD plugged into one of the 2 Intel SATA controllers if that makes a difference.

Edit: I just had to look a little harder to find the setting in the BIOS. I sent in my motherboard for an RMA after I did my clean install and they restored it to factory settings, changing it out of AHCI mode. Thanks two the 3 people that helped me :)

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You can turn in AHCI in the bios. I'm pretty sure that doing so will not cause any issues.

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No don't do it via the registry. Go into your BIOS (update your motherboard bios/drivers if needed) and check for an AHCI setting.

Searching your motherboard it does have the option.

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AHCI is a BIOS setting. Simply change the option to AHCI, and reinstall.

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