I have 2 questions, hope that's ok haha. First I am looking for some fun/interesting programs that will make use of 4770k. Preferable free but it doesn't matter.

Second question I have been doing a lot of research regarding custom loop cooling am wondering what guide people use the most.

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Yes I'm wondering too actually, hopefully someone can answer.

Most of the power users don't go through these threads tho :/

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Have you heard about the BOINC Project? It's basically a program that runs in the background and gets activated when you're not using your CPU or GPU. It uses that processing power to do all kinds of interesting stuff, such as finding asteroids, find primes, analyze maps etc. etc. Cool things in general, and you massively help science. The program is easy and doesn't get in the way when you're using your computer.

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Can't think of any other "fun" stuff for a powerful processor besides games and video/photo editing

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A video editing program can probably take advantage of the extra power, but I don't know of any free good ones. After affects maybe but it isn't the easiest to learn. CPU mining will use the power of the i7, but I don't think it can compete with GPU mining.

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