Hi guys, I am halfway through a build, I got an asus rog formula vi board with an i7 4770k. All put together in a corsair 750d tower with an corsair atx 1200i psu. I am unsure on the graphics card I am gonna want to buy. I have been looking at the asus gtx 780 and the asus gtx 780ti. Is there much difference in performance between the two? Also what is the best type of ram for a gaming system. Every one seems to buy corsair vengeance stuff but I was wondering if there was a better alternative?

Thanks in advance

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2 Answers
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Ram makes little difference. 8GB is enough, 16GB is a luxury if you don't have toms of chrome tabs / windows open and games. Get 1600MHz or 1866MHz.

the 780ti is about 15/20% faster for a lot more money. It's your choice really whether you want to spend that for a small performance boost.

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Two gtx 760 will deliver more power than a 780 for about the same price.

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