I've build a new computer with windows 8 and an ssd. It boots from off to password screen in about 8 - 10 seconds (which is awesome) but the motherboard asus screen comes on and takes up a few seconds, is there a way to bypass this? Save me a few seconds. Is there anything else I can do to speed up my boot?

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there's something called something like speed boot in the BIOS. Activate it and you will shave a second or two off your boot.

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yes, there is an option under "boot" in the asus bios to set how long this splash screen comes up for. I'm not sure if you can to bios via keypress before this screen or if it's just during it, so don't make it insanely small (1sec might be min anyways).

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I had to go in to the BIOS and disable the splash screen in my MSI mobo. There should be a setting like that for you too.

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