I'm not sure on which graphics card to choose, an ASUS R9 280x DirectCUII 3GB TOP or a GTX 770 TI. I've heard of Mantle to the 280x an and something that Nvidia is developing that is like mantle.
- Which one would you pick and why?

-What is Nvidia making and how good is it going be?

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  1. there is no 770 ti just the regular 770

  2. I've never heard of Nvidia developing a mantle-like platform unless you mean PhysX which isn't really the same. In games that support mantle the 280x has an advantage, in games that don't the 770 can edge it out but it's pretty even both ways. Figure out if you care about stuff like TrueAudio and if games you play support mantle for the 280x, or if you care about shadowplay or the nvidia shield streaming

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