I have a few questions so I will just post them here.

  1. I know intel CPUs are better for gaming but what about video editing and live streaming to twitch? I plan on getting a fx8350 since I plan on video recording and editing a lot. I'm also using this same PC for gaming so should I get an Intel of equivalent price or stick with the 8350 and just over clock it?

  2. Benchmarks never include info on video editing performance for graphics cards, so how should I go about finding which graphics card is better for this? There's so little information I can find about this topic to reasonable compare, so anything on this topic would help.

  3. Is the corsair 450D worth it? It looks so good aesthetically but it seems so expensive compared to other mid range cases.

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2 Answers
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  • 1 Intel CPUs are way better than AMD ones in editing and things that are CPU intensive. On the other hand AMD cpus still are great in gaming, but not better than intel ones. Intel cpus are also more expansive

  • 2 not sure about this, video editing uses mostly cpu cores am i right? i'll leave this to another redditor

  • 3 When choosing a case the thing that matters most is the look of it. You are probably going to see that case everyday and if you don't like it it will be a pain in the ass. So do you like the look of that case? It's expansive because it's more on the premium side of cases, you could spend half of the price but you won't really find something that beautiful or well built. Look into the 200R, it's half the price and still has a minimalsitic look, if you don't want to spend a lot on a case this one is great. Also the Bitfenix Shinobi. I was deciding between those low end cases too, then i saw the Fractal Design R4 and i decided to just save more and get that windowed babe, a case will probably last a lot of years and you can use it between builds, so i decided that saving some cash for a awesome case is a great idea.

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You could try out the 4770k. It has hyperthreading, so it should be able to keep up with the 8350 when it comes to things that are thread intensive. It is more expensive than the 8350 though.

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