Is PNY a good Graphics card manufacturer? I'd like to get a gtx 770, and this card is 20$ cheaper than anything else. Is it worth it to go with the PNY, or should I spend the extra money and get a gigabyte/msi/evga/asus card?

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ive heard that pny is considered a lower tier manufacturer than, say, evga -- but maybe someone can give you a more authoritative answer

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Pny is a fine brand. In fact, there was a thread a couple days ago saying that they are the American branding of one of the best gpu manufacturers in EU/Asia. Not that that means pny is the same quality or the best in the us, but it's still a good company.

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I've never had any problems with a pny card. But I've heard anecdotes about bad customer service from them. Again ANECDOTES.

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