I am still a ways out from building my next machine, but I am already contemplating how I want to set up my storage drives, and I find myself at an impasse. Do I:

  • Buy 2 SSDs, put them into a RAID 1 array for my system drive (ideally 256GB), and then supplement with a 500GB or 1TB internal HDD?


  • Buy 4 SSDs (ideally 256GB each again), and put them into a RAID 5 array for my system drive?

OR, is there another approach that might be better? My other ideas that go along with my storage strategies are to have a Blu-Ray burner to create hard backups of my more precious data, and/or use external hardrives.

Thanks for any feedback!

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2 Answers
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Right now I have a 256ssd 128ssd 3tbhdd and 1tbhdd. I'm a heavy gamer and photographer and I thought about raiding some drives but tried doing stuff without raid and it worked fine. I don't think you should raid. Get a 256ssd for your OS+applications and a 1-3tb hDD for other stuff.

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I would look into a NAS for home raid. I should have sprung for the 4 bay to get Raid 5, instead I have a two bay running Plex and Torrents. You can get 3TB WD Reds for about the same price as a 128 gb SSD

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