Question about SSD and RAM!
I just got a new Acer laptop, runs 64-bit Windows 8 and I want to swap out the hard disk for an SSD, question is, when cloning, will the current hard disk partition (223GB/224GB) cause problems? D drive is completely empty, though. Also, will the SSD improve response time? Like, sometimes CTR+ALT+Del > Task Manager and it pops out slowly.

RAM, currently 4GB installed. Do I really need a badass one? I play games and all, but my laptop isn't something gaming edition. Am I better off getting something DDR3-1600?

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SSD will speed of load times and write times. Load times are how long it takes to load something when you click it(like opening applications) and write times are how long it takes to save something(like a word document). I'd recommend getting 8gb of ram total. I don't think you should have any problems cloning as long as you know how to use your clone method.

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