Is there a mini itx case that I can get that will fit a 400-500w power supply and a gtx 750 that I would be able to fit in my backpack?

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The Lian Li pc tu100 comes to mind, though you'll have to use a SFX powersupply and a slim cpu cooler due to how small it is

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depends on the size of your backpack. id check out the hadron air, the node304 and the ASRock M8 (barebones)

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Silverstone RVZ01 looks good. You'd have to go with a SFX powersupply and slim cpu cooler, but you could fit a full-size 2-slot graphics card in there (780ti if you wanted). Here's a reddit build complete that I found.

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Galaxy sells a low profile version of the GTX 750 that you may want to look into. It would enable you to use an even smaller low profile mini-ITX case.

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