I need some help deciding on what processor to put in a computer. The computer in question was my old Dell pre-built that I'm now giving to my brother to use for casual gaming and web browsing. It had an i7-3770 in it that I took out and used in my current build (so whatever I put in will need to be LGA1155) but I left in everything else including a HD 7870 and 8gb of ram. I don't know a whole lot about which processors are better than others and worth the money so I thought I'd ask reddit.

I did a quick Amazon search and it seems the i5-3330(~£120) and the i3-3220 (~£80) are pretty popular and have decent ratings. Do you think I should go with the i5 or would an i3 be sufficient? Is there another CPU that would be better suited? We'd like to keep it under about £120 (~$200) but would prefer to spend less if the processor will do the job.

Thanks in advance.

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Wait, so have you still got that i7 3770? that's superior to both of those i5 and i3 you're comparing, you don't need upgrade that. If for some reason you do need to change processor, then that i5 3330 seems to be the best one around for that sort of price.

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