Sort of relevant, but what is the best procedure in PC maintenance?

Should I just use CCleaner every now and then? When I uninstall a program, should I go and delete the files in leaves in the appdata folder?

And what is mandatory to install on your PC? with my MOBO there are a ton of utilities & drivers - but which do I really need?

And things like Intel Smart Response, I don't know if I really need it.

I find this part more difficult to get correctly than actually building a PC itself.

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It's generally advised not to mess around with things that clean out registries, because it doesn't affect much and doesn't show much benefit. I use Revo Uninstaller to remove programs and depending on the option you choose it will remove all folders/files left over after the default uninstaller. You don't really need any of the utilities from your mobo, unless you're really interested in monitoring everything about your pc, and even then there are probably better 3rd party utilities for that. I would also schedule an automatic defrag probably like once a month, there are 3rd party programs but I've never had any issues just using the windows one.

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