This is a little bit off topic from building, but I'm just wondering how everyone goes about backing up their data? I have finally got my entire steam library downloaded, plus I have all my movies and photos. I have my photos on a 2tb WD external desktop and my movies on a 1TB pocket Seagate that I plug into my Blu Ray player. Would I be better off getting an external desktop drive with automatic backup or putting another mechanical drive in my system on RAID? I have windows on a 128gb SSD in case of the need for an OS install. What setup do you use?

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I work from home so it is pretty crucial to have everything in a high availability mode. Here is what I do:

  • OS/programs on 250gb SSD

  • 2nd 250gb SSD with ghost of primary SSD updated weekly

  • Data, Movies, Pics, etc.. on 2 - 2TB 7200rpm drives in Raid 1

  • Netgear ReadyNas314 with 4 3TB drives are used for nightly back up of the raid drives along with items from the rest of the family. I have a spare drive that I rotate in and keep at another location. I look forward to the day my internet connection will allow me to use a cloud solution for this.

  • Media devices pull from the NAS rather than having a drive connected elsewhere

Overkill for most, but works for me.

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I had a similar setup. What I did was purchase a large capacity HDD for my PC (I have an SSD for my OS and frequently used apps) and keep all my photos, videos and other things on my secondary HDD.
Then I purchased a subscription to Backblaze. It's $5 a month for unlimited backup and it's a nice peace of mind should anything happen to my hardware. Sure, I could get a new hard drive every year for that price (as cheap as it is) but it's super simple and does automatic backups once a week and all I have to worry about is putting new data on my drive and it's safe.

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