What's the major difference between a GTX 770 and GTX 760. I wanna get a 770 but it doesn't fit to well with my budget

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5 Answers
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The 770 is more powerful but the 760 is still a powerful card for 1080p gaming.

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In short: The GTX 770 is around 20-30% faster and currently maxes out nearly every game at 1080p, while the 760 needs reduced details/less AA

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760 hits high/ ultra in most gamers and the 770 hits ultra/max in most games. In my opinion it was worth the extra money. I used evga's step up from a 660ti (roughly the same performance of the 760) to a 770. I now have 2 of them and smoke everything maxed out.

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760: beast

770: ultra-beast

780: super-ultra-beast

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get this 280x

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