I am considering getting the i7 4770k + Asus z87 pro mb. If I want to run 16gb ram do I need to get 4 4gb sticks since there are 4 slots or should I get 2 8gb sticks?

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2 x 8GB leaves you with two free slots for future expansion so I'd go for the 2 x 8GBkit, I'd only go for the 4 x 4GB kit if it was cheaper (which it likely isn't as it has to go through more testing).

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You can run either configuration, but I'd go with 2x8GB RAM

  • If one breaks, you'll still have one more

  • Can purchase another 2x8GB in the future if you feel like it

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Just get 2x8 since your motherboard supports dual channel RAM.
Edit: doesn't matter that much unless your motherboard supports more then dual channel, otherwise it doesn't matter.

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