Question 1: I would like to place a gtx 760 in a mAtx cooler master n200 (good airflow for its size) I'm juggling between brands and cooler type (dual-fan vs rear exhaust). The rig won't be using sli ever, and there is good clearance around the card.

Any recommendations on a good model for the case?

Question 2: are there guides on case re paints? I can't find the white version of the n200 anywhere.

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2 Answers
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I find blower type fans work better in small cases.

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If there's sufficient room around the card in the case, and you don't plan on using an SLI configuration ever, then I don't think you have to worry much about what card you choose. I'd focus on getting whichever is the best price. You won't see much of a difference between cooler types. I use the MSI 760 OC edition, which I recommend just because it's what I have, but any other version would work just as well.

Couldn't help you with the repaint. I know plastidip works well, ive used it to recolor a case before.

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