1. I'm planning on building a PC using a Silverstone Raven RVZ01 and a GTX 760. Can anyone tell me whether a blower or dual fan type graphics card would be better for my system?

  2. Some motherboards I've looked at have stuff like eSATA, mSATA or mini PCIe. What are these used for?

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  1. Blower. Dual and triple-fan cards exhaust most of their heat into the case, while blower cards exhaust almost exclusively out of the I/O bracket.

  2. eSATA is a standard used for connecting external hard drives. It uses the same signalling as internal SATA, but with a different connector. mSATA is a form factor for SSDs. Like eSATA, it uses SATA signalling. It uses the connector originally used by full-length mini PCIe cards. Mini PCIe is PCI Express run through a different connector. The half-length version(photo) is almost exclusively used for laptop WiFi cards. Full-length Mini PCIe slots in many devices can also function as mSATA.

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Go with the fan type. It will provide better cooling. Even more so if you are going to overclock your card.

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