So I'm trying to build a gaming computer to run games on max graphics with a nice smooth 60~ framerate. My dad managed to score me this mobo for free.
Problem is that its old and only supports socket 1366. I don't know much about computers but I'm wondering if its worth it to use that one and get an i7 1366 socket cpu and use more funding toward an ssd and a nicer graphics card or if i should take some funding away from those and get a new mobo + i7 4770k?

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You don't need an i7 to run games well. i7 doesn't really improve gaming performance, and is more for stuff like hardcore video editing. An i5 will be more than enough. I would get a socket 1150 mobo and a newer i5 processor, and you could probably still get the nice graphics card.

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I would say just start fresh. 4670k, z87 mobo, you know everything. You could possibly buy a 1366 processor and overclock it. But if you are going to go with a socket 1366 processor get an overclockable I7 it will last you the longest in terms of gaming performance for that socket.

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