I need a new monitor, badly. I have narrowed it down to one of these two ebay link 1, ebay link 2.

I have a ATI Radon HD 5700 series graphics card and I know it has Dual DVI capability but I don't know if the card can support a 1440p monitor.

Two questions:

  1. Will the 5700 be able to support one of those monitors?

  2. If I am looking for an ips (or better) monitor at 1440p, is there anything better than those two (Max budget $350)?


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I don't think a 5700 series card will support 4K to make it worth getting.

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For casual stuff like internet and what not, sure. But for gaming? No way. 780s are recommended for 1440p. I would suggest going 1080p or upgrading your card. Then again, if you dont play games, you should be fine.

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