I did a last minute upgrade on GPU and ended up with higher total wattage than I had planned for. Everything was already purchased except my GPU. I'm at projected 423 watts with a 500 watt PSU (corsair CX). Cause for concern or do I have enough headroom to sleep easy at night? : )


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No problem at all, i run a R9 290 and an i5 3570k on a 480W PSU.

~~Though, the CX seems to offer only 2 6pin and the gpu needs an 8 and a 6pin power plug. Considering im not a fan of molex to what ever adapters, i would recommend getting a PSU with 2 6+2pin power plugs.~~
wrong source

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You''ll be fine man

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You'll be alright.

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Where did you buy the Graphics card from for only $240?

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That PSU only has 456 Watts on the 12V rail (12V*38A). So it's cutting it a bit close--really depends on whether your 'projected' is accurate. I've tended to find that the GPU wattage requirements tend to exaggerate, however.

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