Been following a few beauty bloggers who been reviewing some products from Mellow Naturals. Actually I have posted before regarding their botanical face serum so that is why it caught my eye, I like their simple and clean packaging and brand image, looks like they have just launched a new line of face serums. I just bought their Vit C Natural Glow Face Serum from their website (link below), took around 7 days to arrive as I am not in Thailand, they have a sale on now from 28.85$ to 20.25$, not too pricey but not as cheap as some others I've seen either. From the product description on their web, they are using MAP rather than LAA (l'ascorbic acid) which I know is much more gentle on the skin. Their ingredients include also Niacinamide, something you find on most Vit C serums, so pretty much looks good for those of you who are looking for a whitening serum, give it a try. But anyway I'm 2 weeks into this serum and absolutely love it, the smell is great and texture is lovely, quick to absorb. I feel like my face is brighter after about 1 week+ use.

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