This might sound dumb, but please let me know if it's not possible!

This might sound dumb, but please let me know if it's not possible!

I personally have always liked light gel consistencies for moisturizers since they usually don't have a sticky, greasy residue. Recently, I've finally understood the magic of emollients, and they made my skin feel very soft and supple - something gel creams cannot (or very rarely) achieve.

The thing is, creams or some lotions might be a bit thick and take some time to absorb, making my face feel greasy until it's properly absorbed into the skin. To solve this problem, I've been mixing a 1:1 ratio of the cream/lotion with a gel (like aloe) to get a lighter consistency while still getting the softening properties of the cream. This way, I can adjust the ratio to repurpose creams that are too heavy on my dehydrated combo skin and make a mixture that my skin needs depending on the weather.

Okay, so this is my question. Emulsions are light creams, similar to lotions but are generally more watery in consistency, right? If so, would it be alright to first use a lighter emulsion as a moisturizer, and use a thicker emulsion to seal everything in? In this example, they take the place of a cream/sleeping pack for those who think they are too heavy, but perhaps they could still be used if it's needed.

I believe emulsions are the thing I'm looking for - light consistency (than lotions or creams) while still providing emollient benefits - so I'm wondering if it would be alright to layer them instead of using a different product instead.

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Emulsions are lighter than Western lotions are mostly. They vary of course, Yes you can use one as a moisturizer. Holika Cera one was creamy (not sure if they still make it), but sets matte. Some are very light.

Also, aloe gel isn't really moisturizing. It will light creams for sure.

What about a gel cream? Rosettes (can be sticky going on) is pretty heavier. If you use less. Not heavy or sticky, but still moisturizng is CosRX Snail AIO Gel cream (has silicone). Ceracolla Gel Cream is lighter than Rosettes and not sticky but still has some moisture You can add oil. Doesn't play well with other moisturizers.

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The Holika Holika Good Cera Emulsion? I think they reformulated their skin & good cera line to good cera, and I heard they're pretty good dupes for Dr. Jart's ceramidin line. I'm interested in trying out their emulsion, but I'm wondering how they compare to a few other emulsions (EH Soonjung & Moistfull collagen) before finally handing them my cash. I agree that aloe gels aren't moisturizing, but I love using them as wash-off masks! It's like a shot of hydration that makes my skin feeling very soft afterward. I tried using gel creams, but they are mostly "just right" for humid summers and doesn't prevent my skin from "cracking" in the winter. The light feeling is definitely a plus, but I'm hoping to get something that could protect my skin from strong winds and cold air.

I think the elimited the Emulsion. As they added more EOs, that nixes the line for me. I hear it's not too bad. The emulsion was quite creamy but set matte. It wasn't as good as Dr. J before but for the price close enough. EH Soojung Emulsion is very very light. It's soothing but light. Not much moisture. I tried a moistful collagen cream. Smells like peaches or something I think it be more jelly texture. I am sure it's moistuizing. I love aloe too. . It's really nice and soothing. Holika has an aloe toner that is supposed to be nice. I like their gel as it has no alcohol. I just reviewed a sample of the new Scinic Calming Daily Emulsion with madecassoside and aloe. It's pretty light but a bit of silicone. Light but sort of ice if you like light emulsions.

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You can do whatever feels right for your skin, as long as it's giving you the results you like.

You also might like a facial oil & adding a few drops to it. One of my favorite "more emollient" mixes is the Holika Holika Good Cera Emulsion with a few drops of camellia oil. The right facial oil (probably something lighter for your preferences) can really help give emulsions some oomph when it comes to oils.

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Ah, would the presence of oils in the mixture aid in preventing TEWL? I haven't tried using facial oils before out of fear that it might be greasy or cause breakouts, but now that winter is rolling around, I might try it out :)

certain ones will! rice bran & squalene are relatively occlusive. some oils may cause breakouts for you, but if you mix them with things and/or have a lighter weight oil, they won’t be greasy.

Just to clarify, facial oils (jojoba, rice bran, olive) are different from essential oils (lavender, citrus), right? If I'd like to use only facial oil without mixing it with creams or lotions, does it go before or after the moisturizer step? Or would it replace them completely? Sorry for the noob questions, I never tread into the facial oils category before :s

that’s correct! you never ever want to put an undiluted essential oil on your face, but undiluted facial oils (or carrier oils) are fine and you can do it either way. personally, i put it in or after my emulsion, before my thick cream/sleeping pack. or if i’m in a hurry i’ll just use the facial oil. they’re really flexible & it completely depends on what you’re feeling like. some people even mix them with serums & put them earlier in their routine.

I see! But if used earlier, would they hinder the penetration of other products? If the oil-water solubility rule applies here as well, then water-based products might be blocked off by the oils, making any step used after them not as effective.

afaik, most people who use facial oils earlier, mix them in their palm with a thicker serum to make a light diy emulsion, or when they're not layering as many products. i just mention it to show how flexible facial oils can be!

Thanks for the explanation! It helped me understand more about facial oils :)

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It’s not a dumb question at all!

Yes, you can definitely layer emulsions and skip creams if you prefer it that way. Skincare is a YMMV thing, and doing what works for your skin should always be the main consideration in products and routines.

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I agree with the YMMV thing. I actually asked this question since I have quite a few emulsions on my wishlist and is wondering if I could double them as both a light and heavier moisturizer so I don't need to add another product to my already massive shopping cart :P By the way, does mixing multiple products into a concoction affect the effectiveness of the ingredients in any way? I only mix them on my hand for immediate use to keep it fresh, and I think there aren't any ingredients that clash with each other. I like mixing them since they help with the spreadability of difficult to use products (like thick creams), and it shortens the time needed for my routine.

You can mix products before application, especially if that helps with absorption. That also makes certain products last longer

Yes on lasting longer! This means more money saved in the long run lol

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