Hi! I really want to add actives to my routine as a preventative measure for hormonal acne. My concerns are redness, uneven skin tone, red hyper pigmentation from acne, closed comedones and Whitehead on my jawline and visible pores around my nose.

I have pretty sensitive skin that is combination and dehydration prone. I had bad luck with tretinoin. My skin just didn’t love it.
What are some recommendations?

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I'd recommend lactic acid as a good starter acid. It was much gentler on my skin than other acids

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As someone with hormonal acne, nothing is going to stop it (really) until you get your hormones sorted. If it's caused by a hormonal imbalance, no topical products are really going to touch it. The most you can really do is attempt to minimize the damage/speed the healing process.

That being said--I use Azelaic Acid & have a lot of luck with it speeding up the healing process for my nasty hormonal acne (i'm talking angry, painful cysts) as well as being good for general redness. I also use a mild AHA for general exfoliation purposes.

With whiteheads/CCs, I would recommend an AHA--there are loads. CosRX has a popular one, and so is the Stratia Soft Touch.

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