I've got huge cystic acne on the left side of my face and Im 60% sure it's because of my pillow.

I've got huge cystic acne on the left side of my face and Im 60% sure it's because of my pillow. I'm thinking of buying Differin to cure it, should I? Or should I just wait for it to die down? This is the first time I got acne on a concentrated place.

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You do not need to start a retinoid to cure a one-off cystic break out. Try using something hydrating & soothing (i love centella/cica products) and maybe a microneedle patch & just wait.

Cystic acne sucks, but any retinoid like that meant for a full-face perscription probably won't show significant results for about 2 weeks & is likely to cause more irritation than it's worth.

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I would not go crazy over one (all be bad) pimple. Just wash your pillow cases more and mind any hair products. Get those pimple patches and use those with it comes to a head. You could use soome BP if you wanted as a spot treatment.

Definitely try replacing your pillowcases every two days (every day if possible) and washing them in hot water. Also, make sure your hair isn’t touching your face when you sleep (I put mine in a loose braid) and try sleeping on your back. I know it’s hard if you’re a side sleeper, but it gets easier with practice. If you use hair products, make sure you’re washing well around your hairline. I agree with spot treating and then covering with a pimple patch it you’re prone to picking.

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