I just got the su m37 golden premiere special set.

I just got the su m37 golden premiere special set. It has the water full toner, rebalancing emulsion, and water gel cream. Also the LosecSumma elixir day and night ampoule, skinsoftener, emulsion, secret essence and elixir cream. I’m just wonder when to use each product and in what order. Everything is in Korean and I’m not very knowledgeable in skin care. My skin is dry, no acne, no wrinkles and I live in a very dry cold climate. Thanks you!

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Here’s a good guide for what order to use your products.

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First, I implore you not to start all of those products at once. If you're starting from scratch you want to introduce a moisturizer, water-based cleanser, oil-based cleanser, and SPF first. If you already have some skincare in place your can contunue using those products and introduce everything else around them, just make sure you get the core 4 (or 5) set first before you start adding anything else in. You want to wait at least 1-2 weeks between introducing each new product so that if you have a reaction/breakout you'll be able to tell what is causing it.

This is a good guide for routine order. Also check out the new user resources in the sidebar for more info. The only way to become knowledgeable about skincare is to do your research!

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