I need to spend 3500 more crystals to get the MRUT.

I need to spend 3500 more crystals to get the MRUT. My un-uniformed characters above 6* are

> Rogue - T2

> Quicksilver - 5*, 3 Mastery

> Scarlet Witch - Not yet recruited

> Thanos and BO - All at 1*

> Iron Man, Elsa, Hulkbuster, Star-Lord, Wasp, Ant Man, Silk, Groot, Mordo, Rocket, War Machine, Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Satana - All at 6*

I'm tempted get Iron Man and War Machine's IW unis. As good as the QS, SW, and Thanos unis are, I just don't think I'll be able to have them leveled up any time soon. I won't even have SW for another ~3 weeks.

All told I'm not sure the MRUT is even worth the splurge. I would use it on Anti-Man, who I've finally gotten out of the lab, but would then need a ton of bios to get to T2.

Any advice?

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Anti Man for the MRUT.

For uniforms I would say QS and Iron Man are a definite yes. The top ones I would suggest out of the ones you mentioned would be Hulkbuster, Wasp (for TL), RR, War Machine, and Black Widow.


Groot GOTG2 if you need some heals in WB. Satana isn't bad.Ghost Rider just isn't that good. You should wait for Rogue to get a new one soon. Finish QS now and don't worry about SW/Thanos/BO. Mordo is very bad with the uniform. Silk is pretty OK. Ant-Man doesn't have stellar DPS but has great survivability. Star-Lord just has lots of iFrames, a leadership, and not terrible DPS. Elsa's MU uniform is a massive increase from the base.

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Do u have psylock and magneto packs already? I'd pick up qs and sw for when u do have them built

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Thanks! I do have magneto (and his uni) but don't have enough crystals to get psylocke yet. I'll go for QS for sure.

With Quicksilver at five stars, I'd focus on getting him done ASAP. Buy his uni now for 50% off & don't worry about SW. She may well be getting another uniform in Avengers 4 anyway.

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