what All goes into the Valor calculation?

what All goes into the Valor calculation? I’m at 220 valor and the recommended valor for Maw 19 is 381. I can complete it just fine with Psylocke, but I need to use an energy attack lead and Shuri support to hit the timer. That makes it impossible to bring Satana for the Stage 20 unlock. So I either need to spend a lot of resources that I don’t have to level psylocke up to compensate for 45% energy attack buff or 45% super villain damage, or I need to raise my valor by a LOT. What’s the best way forward here?

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From what I've seen, each raid level past 1 is equal to +5 valor and each 6 star t2 universal character is another +5 valor. The best way would probably just to be to clear the 5 highest stage wbu you can every day to raise your raid level as quickly as possible.

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Good tips, thanks. I’m still farming A1 bios to get him to T2, I guess I’ll start requesting some A1 bios to accelerate that. Got any tips for Thanos 9 under 100 seconds?

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