Hi all I have Emma Frost uni now I have 100 bios of her that means make her uni 2 stars and I have uniform upgrade ticket to 4 stars should I use it on her is it worth it

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I recommend saving uni upgrade tix for chars that offer great rewards in legendary battle for ranking their unis up (e.g. Shuri (CTP), RagnaThor (premium card), Hela (CTP)).

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I disagree. The characters you list are all easily acquired via Selectors and/or Story Mission farming. The *only* way to get Emma's x-genes is to buy them with crystals. Paywall characters of all types are excellent candidates for a uniform upgrade tickets. Emma's uni is high-end. Between the base 15% bonus to Attack & Defense, the active buff removal is HUGE.

Sounds right thanks you very much I will use it on her

Can you elaborate on the use of the active buff removal? Is this only good in PvP? Is there somewhere it’s usedul in PVE? Who does it work against effectively in TL?

Active buff removal is just that: It removes active buffs from opponents. Got a skill that, say, increases Attack by 20%? Active buff removal will remove it. Damage Immunity or Invincibility? Not any more. Clearly this will be most useful in TL (against pretty much everyone, assuming you can target them), but it has applications in PvE as well.

Thanks, I tried out Emma in some friendly matches last night and she's better than I expected. Her ability to shrug off some dangerous attacks from the enemies is impressive. I'll pay more attention to the buff removal next time I try her out. I'm a bit reticent to commit her to an ITGB obe instead of double mind + dmg proc for WBU though. I certainly don't regret T2ing her.

That's a good point actually. Yeah I'd say use the uni upgrade ticket on Emma then.

I used my mythic upgrade on Killmonger uni, I still have one extra that I’m saving for a rainy day. If a totally OP paywall character comes along with an awesome uni, or a decent paywall uni has a CTP bonus attached to it, I’ll be ready for it.

Thanks but I already have them ,my question is because I won’t spend another crystals for Emma bios so it’s lvling her uni to rare or heroic

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