Would someone mind checking my account and telling me what unis they recommend I buy for my last 4k crystals?

Would someone mind checking my account and telling me what unis they recommend I buy for my last 4k crystals?

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Shuri, since you have her at Tier-2. Same for Magneto since you have him at Tier-2 as well but I'd get Emma Frost's uni over Magneto's as she's better IMO.

Aside from those, save crystals for the impending Sharog uni.

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Cool, thanks. I was considering iron fist and rocket IW uni as well. Would you say emma uni over a bio pack? I was also considering rag loki and cable uni(I will unlock cable bios tomorrow)

Don't buy Iron Fist .. he sucks hard .. he was maybe good 2 years ago but (nearly) all characters released in the last year even without uniform are better. Now since Sharon Rogers gets a new uniform i think the only "old" uniform that was released before Thor Ragnarok (or AoA, whatever wsa first) that is still worth buying is Anti-Venom. For Emma, get her to T2 first since we don't know when the bio-packs go on sales next time, but the uniform will surely be on sale fo 40% in maybe 4-6 weeks. And you need T2 to do WBU with her, and she is already great against Maw even without uniform.

For maw I have Thor with double lightning dmg/dmg proc, think Emma is still a good choice? I'm just apprehensive when I could buy 2 uni for the cost of 2 bio packs, giving me easily 2 more SL clears (for 3 total with her) as opposed to just one.

I mostly do Maw 5 times per day since i die the least there. My top 5 list is : 1. Wanda +2 other chars 2. Emma, Ancient One, Ebony Maw 3. Psylocke, Magneto, Shuri 4. Jean, Satana, Colson 5. T3 Thor, Hela, Valkyrie Soo .. Emma is my nr. 2 after Wanda now since her damage is on par with Psylocke but she has better survivabilty. Emma can also clear SL #29 with no problems.

Better to build for WBU than for SL. Your roster will grow with time and be able to do 30 SL no sweat within a few months time from starting. Even if you have Thor for Maw, there’s no harm in adding more, you’ll want more characters capable of doing these bosses in the future anyway so you can farm them in their bonus day.

Only consider those if you really love the characters. Do you have enough to T2 Emma? If you like the character perhaps get a bio pack to T2 her and then get her uni. Her new uni really improves the character tremendously. An absolute beast for ebony WBU. Rag Loki's great but he doesn't have a lot of use. I personally only use him for ABX villains day (universal) and shadowland. Cable with his uni is very strong and is useful for WBU (Corvus and Cull Obsidian) so his uni isn't a bad pickup.

I use Rag Loki and Floki for Universal villain and female villain requirements (SL, ABX, Alliance Raid), he’s still relevant, just don’t try to compare him to the likes of Cable et al. He’s a lot cheaper to get to the point where’s he can make those contributions compared with Proxima, etc.

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