which option for Deadpool?

which option for Deadpool?

ITBG, Crit Damage 29.8, 180 proc

Max HP 29%, All Defense 28.3%, 180 Proc

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would the second be a good choice for Cap T3?

Hell yeah it would! I have a max HP / trash / 200% proc and he does great in all modes

I have ITGB, max-hp and 140% on my Cap and he does really well in TL with it, i always use him fo beat Quicksilver.

I would love to have ITGB on my Cap. I put that OB on him before I understood the difference between ITGB and super armor

That was one of the few days when i really had luck with rolling an obelisk, i just advanced my Cap to T3 and was looking for something better and then just rerolled or upgraded 2-3 times and got that one. For all the whale out there 140% is maybe trash but i barely got better overall obelisks since the extra max-hp is also not that bad.

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