So I just made a new account (after throwing away my old one), and I'm getting a 20 bio selector which includes "premium" characters such as 2099, luna, carnage, ironheart, sentinel, etc.

So I just made a new account (after throwing away my old one), and I'm getting a 20 bio selector which includes "premium" characters such as 2099, luna, carnage, ironheart, sentinel, etc. I'd like to know which three characters are worth getting, and possibly reasons why? Any advice would be very appreciated

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Luna and ghost panther hands down. They both hit like a truck, Luna will get a uni next update probably throwing her into the top meta, and ghost panther has the best supportive t2 passive.

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My situation is that I'm f2p. Do you think that if I get GP to 6* and then use a premium 6* selector, I'll have enough bio to get him to T2?

I actually don’t know what you mean by a premium 6* selector. Is that something for new players? Regardless, it takes on average around 350-400 bios to t2 a character after getting them to rank 6. I think GP at t1 still outclasses the other premium characters at t1 too, because has good damage and survivability

Yes, it's a newcomer login bonus at the end of the week. If I am unable to get enough, I'll just use it on a different card. I chose Luna, GP, and Valkyrie. For the 6* selector, do you have a recommendation or does it not matter since Luna and GP are the best?

I would go with Luna. She’s a better WB striker and will be getting a new uni.

Sorry I think i didn't clarify. I'm getting 20 premium bio for the next 3 days. I chose Luna today, and I plan on getting GP and valkyrie. There is also the 6* selector next week. Would you still recommend someone else or just use it on one of the three I've chosen?

Oh, right. Unless you have rank tickets to get them to rank 6, use it on Luna since you will have no other way to get her bios as ftp. But if I remember correctly though, i don’t think you can use the 6* selector on premium characters. So if that’s the case then use it on iron hammer (best farmable character) or maybe Sharon Rogers. (Will have to see how good her new uni will make her)

Alright then, I'll use the selector for Luna. Thank You!

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Luna and 2099 are the best. Not sure where sentinal lands on that list but considering Luna is getting an upgrade i would say shes the best choice.
Ironheart is nothing special
carnage is the worst
because he NEEDS his tier2 to be useful where as characters like luna and 2099 are beasts even at tier1

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Alright, so Luna and 2099 are my best options. Thank you for the help and explanation. But I'd like to ask, should I go for a third character, or use the last 20 on one of the two? The rest of the list includes: Agent Venom, Ghost Panther, Gwenpool, Enchantress, Kid Kaiju, Valkyrie, Satana, Wasp(Nadia Van Dyne) , Killmonger, Hyperion, Clea, Quasar, Inferno and Vulture

2099 is no longer a really good choice, he is way too outdated and nobody uses him anymore in TL, and in PvE he was never good. Luna is great should get a uniform at the next patch, else the second best choice is maybe Ghost Panther since he has a T2 support buff like Shuri and also is good as a character alone. Clea, Inferno and Vulture are all farmable ingame, just very slowly

So Luna and Ghost Panther are my two best choices? Any recommendations for a third?

For a 3rd get sentinel

May I ask if there's a particular reason she's good?

She has a supportive passive

Alright, thank you for the help

Those support passives are only available at T2. So If you’re going pure F2P, you may never have an opportunity to get them up to T2. With that in mind, you need characters with a good T1 capacity: Luna Snow can do speed female ABX just fine, but Shuri is F2P and can get you the 100k extreme award too. Ghost Panther is just so so at T1, amazing at T2. If you can only T2 one bio sub character, it should be this one (you may get a mega T2 ticket in the future that would allow this without spending $). Spidey 2099 has a good leadership for QS and Corvus world bosses and he can make some Shadowlands stages that would otherwise be difficult For a new player into something easy. But eventually you won’t need him and you may wish you had unlocked someone else instead. Sentinel has a good leadership for PVP, but you can get the same leadership from other F2P characters that are better at PVP (like Angel). Valkyrie is only good at T2 for the same reason as GP, but she doesn’t really stand on her own like GP does. Ghost is another T2 support / leader character and requires a uniform to shine. She’s good for speed Villain ABX day and as a leader for machine characters like Iron Hammer. Other paywalls are too far out of date to be worth mentioning.

That's interesting. So I won't be able to make the most out of those units if I'm f2p, because those limited Biometrics are also required for T2. Thank you for clarifying that to me. Actually, there's a 6 star premium bonus I'll get next week. Do you think if I get GP to 6* and then use the 6* premium ticket, they'll give me enough Biometrics for T2?

It takes a 10 to unlock, rank up tickets to 6* saves you 630 bios to move from 1* to 6*. Once you’re at 6*, you have to decide between manual gear up or mega t2. Mega t2 tickets are pretty rare but you can get them as F2P by saving crystals. You might even get a mega t2 as a new / returning player bonus, so check your “check in” bonuses. If you do this stage manually it takes a variable amount of bios to level gears from 17-20. I think the average is somewhere around 350. From 6* with level 20 gears, you can either manual rank up, or T2 (non mega) ticket to rank up. Manual rank up costs 150 bios and some other materials (Black antimatter and chaos nornstones). T2 tickets are pretty commonly awarded as event bonuses and monthly check in rewards. As pure F2P, you’ll have to save and wait for MT2 tickets to T2 paywall characters that you unlock using your free bio sub. Or, use 6* rank up tickets and bite the bullet kn a $10 bio sub and gear them up manually then use a regular T2 ticket. That’s the most efficient way in my opinion.

I kept trying to find out how to get mega T2 tickets, I couldn't find any mention of them being in Login bonuses. If it is true, I'll definitely take your advice and save all my crystals and other resources until I have enough to T2 GP. Thank you so much for your help!

I got one recently as a login reward for (I think) returning player. They're going to be very rare as login rewards, a bit more common as tiered purchase package (8200 crystals with 4100 returned at the end of the event). It's not something they give out commonly. And in that vein, you have to really think about who you want to use it on. I used mine on Nova because the thought of grinding all those bios through the lab processor was demoralizing. I keep re-buying the bio sub though, so I don't have any qualms about NOT having a MT2 ticket for them.

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