Would Freeze affect Emma’s mind control?

Would Freeze affect Emma’s mind control?

I have a GBI, 38% Mind Damage, freeze effect obelisk I am considering for her, but I don’t want to equip the obelisk if it may screw up her skills.

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No it doesn't.

But that's not a good obelisk for her. While first 2 options are perfect, you need either invincibility or damage proc as third option.

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Thank you for responding. I know it’s not perfect, but I don’t have an obelisk with all three stats matching her needs from the spreadsheet. That was the closest I could pull today with my resources, and I hoped it was close enough. Would you suggest I focus on a different group of stats or keep rolling to get all three? (Thank you in advance)

I think you can give it to her as a placeholder until you have a good one. Focus on building mind damage obelisks until you have mind damage+damage proc+mimd damage/critical damage/hp/dodge. ITGB is nice but she doesn't really need it.

She needs it if she’s going to play TL or AC.

In TL, she still performs very well (like 10-win-a-day well) even without ITGB. She already has super armor with her diamond form. Yes it can be pierced, but if you put her in your TL team, you have to play manual anyway. and don't ever pick a fight with QS, it's too risky. In AC, every character needs ITGB. But as an elemental damage with super armor, she has a high potential in WBU/GBR. I think for a character this expensive, I'd take satisfaction in seeing Bosses' life melt away.

Thank you. :)

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