I have 7k of crystal and im planning to spend it on uniforms.

I have 7k of crystal and im planning to spend it on uniforms. I would prefer to buy those 'game changing' uniform. Like those completely change a useless character to a solid character. Example : Winter Soldier IW. Any suggestions guys?

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Pretty much all of the IW uniforms make their non-uniformed counterparts 0 to hero.

At the top on would probably be Ironman, Thor, spidey, Capt America, and war machine.

After that, you could just pick your favorite IW characters and be satisfied with the results.

The only uni’s I would stay away from is cull obsidian, proxima, and groot.

This is considering if you don’t have any uniforms for those characters. Homecoming spidey and rag Thor are still very usable is most game modes, so they may not be so high on the list for you if you already have those unis. (They still improve the characters a ton though)

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I’d cut IW Proxima from the “bad unis” list tbh. She’s a very good female villain for abx and the only other options for that day are Ghost with uni, who’s paywall, and Titania, who needs an excellent build and a lot of skill playing her to hit 100k. Proxima is much easier to hit 100k abx with. With her uni, all her skills become iframes and she’s great for SL as well.

Thanks for your recommendations. Is Blackwidow IW make it a solid character?

Hah, you’re asking someone with the top 100 BW, so I might be a little bit biased :) but I’ll try to be objective. Here’s my review for my favorite character: It definitely makes her a solid character. Without investing too much into her, the IW uni easily allows her to do almost any SL stage she’s eligible for. She can do low to levels of wbu (if you’re already at that stage with cards, roster etc). For a better built BW, she can solo SL stage 29. (Check my post history for a video of that). She also becomes surprisingly good for pvp. With max scd and low atk spd, she can cycle through her 3 I-frame skills on cooldown. That, with her I-frames being high priority and guard-break skills, and her high innate dodge makes her pretty good for pvp. Easily usable when many meta characters are banned. My maxed out black widow can do wbu stages in the 30s for Corvus and proxima, breeze through any SL stage, and solo meta timeline teams (she struggles vs Jean and quicksilver though).

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check out CynicAlex top 30 uniform vid on youtube

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