With the sale I’ve been able to make many of my characters relevant.

With the sale I’ve been able to make many of my characters relevant. With that said, what are the most effective obelisks and CTPs for the following characters?

Rag Hulk
BP Shuri
Iron Hammer
Scarlett Witch

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ITGB for any characters that you want to PVP with (so, destruction or Authority)
Invincible for PvP with the exception of Destruction for characters that need piercing
Dmg proc for any characters you want to PVE with (energy or destruction)
Refinement for tanky healing characters.

Hulk - Refinement

AA - no CTP, use ITGB, Max HP, Invincible

BP - no CTP, use crit, crit, Dmg proc

Shuri - Doesn’t matter, support character. Use crit, crit, Dmg or inv.

Iron Hammer - no CTP, 2x lightning damage and Dmg proc.

SW - CTP of Energy or Double Mind and DMg proc.

QS - CTP of Energy or crit / crit / Dmg proc. Add ITGB for PvP

Magneto - No CTP, GBI, crit, inv. Dmg proc only if T3.

Hela - leadership only, not worth using outside of shadowland.

Satana - Fire, Fire, Dmg

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